4 thoughts on “Making life difficult for customers makes no sense at all! Case studies from Marriot Hotels and Debenhams

  1. Ian – I do work with Warehouse. They would be horrified at the thought of being linked with a bad customer experience. Let me know the details and let’s see what we can do to sort it out!


  2. Ian I work for Debenhams i have enclosed the return policy at the back of your receipt that wasn’t show on your snap shot at the top, yes it may seem, a small inconvenience at times for us when we want it to be fast and our way. Surely you can see that its not always as easy, as you make it out to be Warehouse is a Shop in a Shop, hence why products purchased in specific stores that carries these shops in a shop can only be return to such stores. As i were to buy in a Warehouse on the high street in a stand alone store I couldnt just return it to Debenhams warehouse because the stock is classed differently and Stand alone stores are not part of Debenhams. Going back to reasons for not being able to return your stock to a Debenhams that didnot have a Warehouse shop is because Warehouse stock has to be returned to a warehouse shop within a Debenhams. I hope this clarified your question it is not because Debenhams provided bad customer service but that the assistant was only following the Policy on the receipt and what they are asked to do in their job.

    Maria, I also think as a Warehouse staff maybe you could have clarified the reasons for a Debenhams staff in a Debenhams that does not carry a Warehouse shop why we are not able to take your stock back than to quickly say Warehouse would be horrified to be link with bad customer service I doubt whether you can call the service provided by an assistant explaining what the policy already states on the receipt Bad customer service.

    So Ian I am sorry your wife did not read her receipt before trying to return her goods and as such ended up being frustrated. We do try to please all our customers and provide the best service at all times. I hope that my comment was helpful.


    Return Policy
    Subject to exceptions, Debenhams is happy to exchange or refund your purchase within 28 days of delivery, for Click & Collect orders the 28 days starts after you have received your ‘Order Ready for Collection’ email. Your refund will be credited to the original payment card, if you have used a Debenhams giftcard your refund will automatically be credited to the original gift card.

    Unwanted goods must be returned in a fully resaleable condition and any tags must be intact. Extra care must be taken when trying on clothing, please ensure you are not wearing any make up, fragrance or deodorant that may leave a scent or mark. We reserve the right to refuse an exchange or refund if goods are not returned in a saleable condition or are damaged.

    Please note that you may only exchange or refund concession items as long as the store you are returning to has the particular concession and you have proof of purchase.


    • Hi Flo – many thanks for taking the time to read the post and respond in the level of detail you have. It is important for me to stress that my post is not intended to highlight the inadequacies of Debenhams staff – to the contrary.

      Poor Customer Experiences are often delivered by employees of organisations who have designed customer journeys that are ineffective. In this case, whilst it may be Debenhams ‘policy’ or ‘procedure’, neither word is sufficient in describing the experience received by the customer.

      It is too easy for brands to quote ‘policy’ back at customers as a defence for doing certain things to those customers. It is more important to question WHO the policy or procedure was created for – the words ‘policy’ or ‘procedure’ are unlikely to be to the benefit of the customer.

      Ultimately, until or unless Debenhams review the way they deal with this very important touchpoint in their customer journey, customers will be dissapointed when they have the misfortune to encounter it. That is likely to lead to dissatsfaction with Debenhams, which will very likely lead to that customer not returning.


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